Education/Enrichment Ministries

Library/Bookstore- Responds to the needs of the pastor, church leaders, and membership of all ages with appropriate library resources and materials.

Ministry Contact: Sis. Marlive Harris

Boy & Girls Rites of Passage- Transforms and instills strong Christian values for self, family and community in youth ages 12-18 by providing mentors to lead and guide our youth while exploring skills for living, spirituality, history, career development, sexuality and self-esteem.

Ministry Contact: GROP: Sis. Linda Willies & BROP: Bro. Donald Boone

Health Awareness- Offers assistance to the congregation and community by promoting health awareness, wellness education and advocating policies around health issues in the church and society including spiritual, physical, mental, relational and environmental concerns.

Ministry Contact: Sis. Tiffany Crawford

New Members- Assists new members during the transitional process of membership by providing New Members Orientation and strategic follow-up until new members are assimilated into ministry participation.

Ministry Contact: Deacon and Sis. Lonnie and Renee Jackson

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